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Retail furniture

Retail furniture

The cheapest shelves on the market including accessories

Checkout counters

Checkout counters

Display coolers and island freezers with and without condensing units

Refrigerated shelves and counters with built-in compressor

Refrigerated shelves and counters with built-in compressor

Checkout counters with conveyor belt and without conveyor belt, various sizes, universal (right - left) design, with photocell sensor (automatically) or foot pedal operation (manually), single or double recessed packer.


We have been supplying
quality and reliable shop equipment since 2002

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We are constantly striving to improve all aspects of our business.

TOP quality

We offer a wide range of shop equipment of the best quality available.

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We provide favourable prices for both retailers and wholesalers.

Professional service

We provide professional service throughout the Czech Republic.

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Obchodní vybavení s.r.o., based in České Budějovice, offers complete shop and supermarket equipment including in particular display coolers, checkout counters, shelves and other equipment.

Choose from a wide range of our products. We supply only proven, quality and time-tested products from MAGMACOLD.

Our shop equipment of the Magmacold brand is serviced throughout the Czech Republic via our own network of service technicians.

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